Our event in September is a collaboration between community groups such as Polish, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian, Pakistani, Moroccan, Indian, Russian, German, Bulgarian, French, Senegalese, Welsh, Afro-Caribbean, Spanish, Nigerian, Mexican, Japanese and many others responding to the feedback from families received in March.


We will hold the event outdoors, in a large venue, centrally situated at King’s Park in Boscombe where there are good transport links. The day will run from 11.00 to 4.00pm.

Children’s Activities

Professional teachers, members of diverse communities and weekend language schools will be sharing languages and running language games, activities and calligraphy.


Artists with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds will come from all over Dorset to the World of Love Festival to perform traditional songs and dance stories. The visitors will have an opportunity to taste international food, prepared by the local diverse food vendors. Crafts stalls will offer a chance to purchase locally sourced produce, created by diverse artists from Dorset.

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