We are keen to build positive, long-term relationships, therefore please view this message as a starting point for a conversation about how we might collaborate together.

The World of Love Festival is an event that celebrates diverse cultures and languages, and promotes equality of opportunity, building relationships, and increasing social inclusion for culturally and linguistically diverse members of our society.

At the heart of our event is the idea of connection and love – for humanity, community, and cultures around the world.



The core idea of the World of Love Festival is to bring people together and help them get to know and understand members of diverse communities who live next door.


We hope that joining the World of Love will provide a sense of belonging and having the purpose in life and in the community, and that it will help to build confidence and engagement in those who take part in our event or learn about it online. 


There are over 300 languages spoken in the UK and more than 60 in Dorset alone. Our event helps diverse artists to share their talents and ideas and brings them all together regardless of their cultural or linguistic background. We like to involve both well known and established artists as well as emerging talents from all paths of life.

By involving your company in the World of Love, you are supporting diversity and inclusion in the arts.


At our first event in March 2019, between 800 and 1000 people visited the World of Love Festival, representing 18 diverse communities. Our second event in September 2019, attracted members of 25 communities from around the world who joined us to learn about the cultures and languages, taste international food and see performances of diverse artists.


Our event encourages to learning languages and proves that education can be fun and engaging at all the stages of our lives. Learning languages increases our professional chances in life, boosts self-confidence, helps to connect with other people in the world and improves our mental wellbeing.   

We are inviting schools, organisations and institutions that share our values to join us as our Partners. 


The aim of the World of Love Festival is to promote awareness of the importance of language learning and improving mental health in our community. We are inviting schools, organisations and institutions that share our values to join us as our Partners. Through collaboration with us, you will have an opportunity for your message to get to the variety of audiences that will visit and take part in our event.

While helping promote the positive and socially responsible image of the schools and companies, we would like to connect our attendees with the institutions that can help them develop their career, improve their employment opportunities, enhance their language skills and improve mental health.

Through collaboration with the WOLF, our Partners can position themselves as supporters of education, culture, arts and mental health, and help build bridges between communities.

You can help promote the positive and socially responsible image of your organisation in the local community.

You can provide your employees with volunteer opportunities, demonstrating your organisation commitment in raising awareness of the importance of education, mental health and supporting a diverse community.

For more information, please contact us by email at info@worldoflovefestival.co.uk or on 0781 829 1144.

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